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The supreme
is to blur the
line between
work and play.

- Arnold Toynbee

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Our Philosophy

Do you love your job?

Career Strategists coaches believe your career should be an expression of who you are. Your brilliance, passions, personal interests and values can and should be present in your work. And, above all, your job should be enjoyable!

Many people work all week and can't wait for the weekends or evenings, when they can do what they really love. Why do so many of us exist in jobs that don't challenge us, are emotionally unhealthy or in which we simply have no personal interest?

Can you imagine waking up every morning, refreshed, excited and enthused about going to work? We believe it's not only possible; we are living examples of this truth.

Twice in her career, Career Strategists' president Renee Trudeau left high level positions where the rewards were great, but at the end of the work day, she was left feeling unfulfilled and out of touch with her values. She and her team are now living their dreams by helping others follow theirs. Your job shouldn't have to be a place where you check your values at the door. We can help you identify work where you can successfully integrate who you are with what you do. At the end of your lifetime, you will have spent approximately 100,000 hours working - that's half the waking hours of your entire adult life! What are you waiting for?

Our Approach:
Career Strategists highly successful coaching model was created specifically from a client-driven perspective. Our primary objective is to assist you in gaining greater clarity and focus regarding your work and to empower you to create a career that:

1) leverages “what you do best”
2) addresses your individual desires/needs and
3) is a fit for you professionally and personally.

Based on feedback from thousands of Career Strategists clients over the past twenty years, Trudeau’s client-centric model allows Career Strategists coaches to:

  • spend more time focused on each individual client
  • provide you with quick and easy access to the most requested and
    beneficial services and resources and
  • deliver focused, insightful and powerful coaching and consulting that
    is practical, inspiring and strategic
  • connect you personally to allies and industry leaders within our vast national network

Career Strategists Personalized Services Include:

  • Strategic career change, planning and management assistance
  • Client marketing, branding and positioning services (including resume and cover letter review/development)
  • Coaching on job transitioning, interviewing and salary negotiation
  • Tailored, high-level job search and networking support
  • Entrepreneur/small business planning, start-up and marketing assistance
  • Personal and work/life balance individual and group coaching/workshops
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment and interpretation sessions
  • Customized seminars and outplacement support for companies and groups
  • Speaking and keynote addresses

Call us at 512-459-6700 or e-mail us today with questions or to discuss your individual needs. We offer a variety of services and look forward to supporting you.


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