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The topic of career management has been a relevant one in our home lately. My husband was laid off in 2010 from his software QA job and for several months he’s been exploring where his field/career are headed long-term (will what he does become obsolete, be off-shored, out-sourced or completely automated in the years to come?). This past week, I ran across an interesting article that says our current times are being dubbed the “Mancession” as so many more men than women are being laid-off or are currently unemployed.

And our coaching team—who has been assisting men and women in navigating their career path for more than 20 years--has had many recent conversations with clients about living with polarity (read more), the current recession and how it’s affecting how we all think about and experience “work.”

And we all agree one thing is certain: new skills and perspectives are being called forth in order to thrive, succeed, stay current and forecast where we want our careers and lives to go and how we plan to get there.

In a time when job stability is long gone, contract work can be just as stable as full-time employment, agility and flexibility are essential attributes and career changes are often mandatory, we thought it was the perfect time to share a few tips to help you move into the driver’s seat when it comes to managing your career.

Five Tips to Managing Your Career in a Recession:

1. Keep your skills current and sharp!
Do you regularly participate in training and professional development opportunities? Do you read the trade journals and attend professional conferences in your field or industry? When was the last time you did an informational interview with a senior level professional or mentor in your field to find out if you’re on track professionally?

2. Build a support network (read more). Are you comfortable asking for and receiving help from others? Are you “plugged in” and connected in your field or industry? Do you have a robust professional support system of mentors, advisors and contacts in the public and private sector? One of the biggest mistakes professionals make is allowing themselves to lose touch with what’s going on outside of their company and in their current marketplace (Linked in is a great tool to help you out here).

3. Maintain a big picture perspective. This is a global economy. Do you have a sense about what the biggest challenges your company and industry are facing? Are you aware of current trends, emerging technologies, best practices and areas of opportunity/growth locally, nationally and internationally? Do you know what’s “the next big thing in your industry/field?” (Read more about why you should be envisioning what’s possible.)

4. Leverage your brilliance. Know what you do best and how to harness and leverage your key strengths to their fullest (read more about why this is key). For career sustainability, it’s imperative that you keep asking and exploring, “What am I naturally gifted at and where are my strengths most applicable/valued?” This will increase your marketability and long-term career satisfaction immensely.

5. Strive for balance. A balanced professional = a more creative/innovative/productive professional. Take time to fill your cup first. Self-care is not about self-indulgence, it’s about self-preservation. Know what feeds you and what drains you, say “no” to non-essential activities and be conscious about how you manage and direct your energy so you can enhance work/life alignment (read more).

One of our favorite books for these times is Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age. Pink talks about how crucial and essential it is for all of us, particularly those who have not taken time to develop the right hemisphere of their brain (the side that deals with creativity and relatedness), to become adept at relationship building, idea generation, consensus building, cultivating the ability to see problems from new perspectives and creative problem solving.

Yes, it can often feel overwhelming, exhausting and daunting to step out of the comfort zone of our current jobs and stretch ourselves to learn new things or master new traits, but in our current times, you have no choice. And after serving thousands of career, small business and life management clients over the years, our experience has shown that once you move past the fear and get “unstuck,” the exhilaration of trying something new and becoming more empowered around your career, will leave you feeling more alive than you’ve ever felt before!

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Warmly---Renee and the Career Strategists Team


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