Dear Clients/Colleagues:

After my mom died suddenly from the flu in 2000—thirty days before my wedding day--I could feel the earth shift beneath my feet and I knew I’d never be the same (read more in Remembering What Really Matters from my first book The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal).

Similarly, the current economic crisis is having a huge impact on us all. We’re all sensing the world as we know it has changed for good and it’s causing many to ask some big questions right now.

If you’re experiencing discomfort around your career, business, key relationships or how you work and experience balance in your life, chances are this period of uncertainty has probably triggered some deeper questions around happiness and fulfillment (read Being Happy no Matter What).

But as challenging as these perceived hardships may be--losses, financial upheaval, layoffs, foreclosures, dissolving partnerships, unexpected career changes—they also present us with precious opportunities to slow down, hit the pause button and reflect on whether it’s time for a course correction.

HOMEWORK: Set aside 30 minutes, find a quiet spot away from work and your family, grab a paper and pen and reflect on the following:

  • If I were to give myself a “career check-up” how do things look? On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied am I with work most of the time? When it comes to my career, what is working and what’s not? Is it time to explore a career change? Read more. Do I have all the professional support I need?

  • How present am I in my key relationships? Do I have enough time in my week to cultivate these important connections? Are my professional and personal relationships feeding me or draining me? Is it time to re-examine my friendships (or client base) and who I choose to spend time with?

  • How would I describe my relationship with myself? Do I relish time alone and enjoy my own company? Do I feel connected to my passions, needs and desires? Do I avoid being alone? Is it easy for me to describe what is most important to me?

  • What does the flow of my work day look and feel like? Is it comfortable or overly scheduled? Do I have space to breathe in my day or am I barreling through a to-do list? If I were to compare the pace of my day to a mode of transportation, would the rhythm be like a horse and buggy? A Volkswagen Beetle? A Lamborghini? What’s working and what’s not when it comes to “how I work?”

December is a great month to schedule a break for a Personal Life Planning Retreat.

Whether you take a solo retreat for eight hours at a friend’s lake house or cabin, an afternoon at a state park, or a weekend away (check out all of Renee’s upcoming retreats including her Dec.16 Empowered Entrepreneur half-day retreat) you need and deserve time to reflect on how you want to experience 2012.

Think of your personal retreat as one of the most important investments you’ll ever make—in yourself.

And remember to go easy on yourself. Pausing to reflect and examine whether you need to course-correct is not about being judgmental or critical of where you’ve been or the choices you’ve made. It’s about giving yourself the opportunity to tweak, modify or overhaul your career and life direction. And to remember you’re in the driver’s seat and you don’t have to do this alone.

Let us know if we can support your career/life path through strategic, individualized career, small business or life balance coaching or consulting. We look forward to hearing from you.

Warmly—Renee, Angie, Sarina and Angela, the Career Strategists Team


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