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Client Testimonials

"Your support through my career transition was invaluable. My coach's guidance allowed me to remain calm and focus on what was most important as I explored options for my next career move. This was the first time in my life that I had to “look” for a job and I felt totally lost and confused by the process. Relying on the expertise of a professional to help guide me on my career/job search path was key. My coach was a great resource and the information and encouragement that she provided helped me to confidently prepare for an effective career/job search.”
- Scott, Project Manager, Austin

"Angela is a very gifted career/life coach. I immediately felt comfortable with her and knew she had my best interest at all times. She challenged and encouraged me through my re-entry and launch into full-time work after working part-time from home for eight years while taking care of my young children. She delivered exceptional feedback, materials and resources on updating my resume, networking and successful interviewing. More importantly, I received advice and encouragement to challenge my perspective and push myself to truly discover what makes me happy. Angela was also very helpful in holding me accountable, helping me set goals and implementing strategies to enhance life balance."
Carrie, Project Management/Communications, Frederick, MD

"When I wanted to make a career change, I didn't even know how to begin. You did a superb job of helping me identify my strongest talents and reposition myself for entry into my new field. Your feedback and coaching throughout the interview process has been first-rate."
- Jeff, technology manager, Austin

"Thanks to your career coaching, I negotiated a salary $5,000 higher than originally offered as well as 70% more stock options. Thanks so much for your help, guidance and encouragement. I couldn't have done it without you!"
- M.H., communications manager, Austin

"During a time of transition and uncertainty, your guidance helped me affirm my talents, experience and skills. This empowered me to focus my career search in a way that would fulfill me professionally. Your broad knowledge of the Austin work environment was exactly what I needed to match my skills and preferences, achieving my professional goals. Your coaching was solid and enhanced my confidence. Your job strategies were customized, personalized, and thorough. Your honesty and wisdom balanced with all of the above empowered me in a complete way." 
- Kim, training/business development professional, Austin

"With Renee's guidance and support, I left the corporate world two years ago and launched the business of my dreams. I literally could not have done it without her. She helped me create a business that is deeply tied to my values and aligned with the kind of life I want to lead now. Through Renee, I was able to envision a life that is a full expression of me, and also create a business that serves a need and is meaningful to my clients. I love what I have created and am so grateful for Renee's presence in the journey!"
- Laura, small business owner/president, www.AtTable.com

"As a software professional I rely on well-developed reasoning skills and brainpower to get the job done. You have helped me to see the logic in letting go and trusting in a deeper part of myself to create the career I really want and discover what's truly important to me. The results of my work with you have been tremendous."
- Kert, consultant/entrepreneur, Austin

"Your career coaching was so helpful to me this summer and fall and really helped me frame what it was I was seeking from a professional venture. You're very good at what you do and I'm thankful that I was able to cross paths with you." 

- Michele, executive at Fortune 100 Company, Austin

"Your work/life balance coaching has helped increase my confidence, ability to make decisions and focus on self-care/personal needs. It has truly changed my life for the better. You have an innate ability to help others realize their needs and potential and to help guide them to achieving success in their lives. Your mantra "if it's not an absolute yes, it's a no" has served me well.

- Tonja, corporate project manager and mother to a toddler, Austin

"I started working with Renee when my company was going through a complicated merger. She helped me see all the options that were open to me and assisted me in planning a course of action. Her guidance was extremely valuable."
- Julie, director corporate communications, Austin

"Renee is masterful at blending high level strategic business counsel with grounded, yet intuitive wisdom. Her support encouraged me to take big risks and the payoff has been enormous!"
- Erica, marketing consultant

"You helped me avert a near disaster. I was about to head down the wrong career road, full steam ahead. Your probing questions, attentive listening and intuitive insights helped me find a path that is much better for me. Then, you helped me figure out how to start down that path successfully. Thanks, Renee!"   
- Linda, coach/consultant, Austin

"From polishing my resume and cover letter to focusing my networking activities, your guidance has been invaluable in my career exploration and job search. Your knowledge of Austin's business climate, particularly the communications sector, and your numerous contacts have been extremely useful. It's been money well spent."
- Susan, a senior-level communications professional new to Austin

"Your fantastic small business coaching helped energize me to go market my business! Great promotion tips/strategies. You're excellent, organized, professional and makes this work fun. Your small business marketing materials were extremely useful and informative."

- Kate, small business owner, Austin

"I've never been a big fan of career consultants until you came along. Now, I refer all my candidates that are looking for direction to you. It is your unique combination of strong strategic marketing techniques, coaching/motivational skills and a heart that puts your in a category by yourself."
- David, executive recruiter, Austin

"Your help has made all the difference in the world. Before I met with you, I was panicked that I would never get on track. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!!!"
- Brandy, public relations professional, Austin

"You have the inherent ability to motivate and support people as they identify their strengths and passions. you've helped me stay true to myself as I continue to define my career in a way that enhances the rest of my life." 
- Darci, senior account executive, Houston

"Your negotiation skills are excellent, you really helped me navigate the treacherous salary negotiation waters and emerge a winner. I was very pleased with my compensation outcome and I will not be timid to negotiate in the future. You would definitely be my first resource for career coaching." 
- Nancy, corporate accounting director, Austin

"Losing my job was one of the most stressful experiences of my life. Even though I went on numerous interviews, I had not received any offers.  I was confused and had begun to doubt myself and my skills. Renee was a tremendous resource. She helped me clear away the clutter in my mind and define the life I wanted and the career path that would help me get there. I don't know if it was Renee's coaching, divine intervention or a lucky coincidence, but a few weeks after our initial session, I was offered a great job that met every single criteria I had mapped out!!!"
- Stephanie, public relations director, Austin

"Working with you has been a life-changing event. A dynamic individual, her perceptive listening skills and knowledge kept me focused to identify my goals. Your creativity helped me think about opportunities that I never would have considered. Your insight formulated a manageable plan to achieve success! Thank you!"
- Allison, attorney, Austin

"I went to Angela as my final attempt to try to answer the question "what is my passion?" I had tried countless methods and books to help me get to the answer, all to no avail. Angela's guidance, vision, patience and no-nonsense approach challenged me to stretch my limits and gain clarity. With her help and candid honesty I was able to hone in on a career that leverages my talents and also fits perfectly with my lifestyle goals. I am so excited to start my own business and embark upon my new career." - Danielle, stay-at-home mom, Austin

"You gave me the opportunity to examine what I honestly wanted in a work situation. You worked with me in a nonjudgmental, positive, and caring way, which gave me much needed self-confidence about my job search.  Thanks to you, I appreciate my current job more and have the support and skills to continue moving toward a career change. Your skill as a career counselor has been invaluable to me.  You are a true professional."
- Diane, project manager, Austin

"I thought I could figure out my career goals on my own but I had stalled out on my search for answers. After my first meeting with Angela, I knew I had made the right decision in hiring her as my coach. She got me quickly back on track and headed in the right direction again. I was able to gain some clarity on what was important to me using the tools she provided. She is a natural at helping others stay focused on their goals and realize their full potential."
- Cyndi, marketing/communications manager, Austin

"This past year was very challenging for me and my family due to the extensive travels with my current job. You helped me focus on what it was I really wanted to do and supported me during a very difficult time. You encouraged me to take time and figure out what I wanted my life to look like going forward. Your encouragement and support has helped me to slow down and ensure I'm making a change for the right reasons. I would recommend your coaching to anyone who is questioning a career transition or job change. You're extremely valuable."
- Stefanie, director of opening units and training, restaurant industry

"Renee helped me make valuable contacts during my job search throughout several different cities. She's very tapped into the industries I'm focusing on and has given me great ideas, direction and tools to help find the perfect career fit for me. Renee is a great listener and an inspiration."
- Alyssa, public relations account executive, Dallas

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