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Our Clients

Career Strategists' clients represent diverse backgrounds and have varying needs, but they all have one thing in common: they want to realize their life/career goals, experience balance and integrate who they are with what they do.

We've helped:

  • Professionals who are unhappy in their current jobs transition into a new career or develop actions plans for career change
  • People from varied professional backgrounds develop personal marketing plans that assist them in job or career advancement
  • Professionals secure promotions, enhance job satisfaction and negotiate salary increases while with their present employer
  • Professionals discover and create careers that support them in achieving balance between their work and life goals
  • High-tech professionals utilize their skills in new and different ways
  • Parents re-enter the workforce and/or create work scenarios that support work/life balance
  • Marketing communications and public relations professionals successfully transfer their skills into new industries and employment sectors
  • Professionals successfully navigate a company restructuring, downsizing and new or difficult management scenarios
  • Artists find ways to pursue their work and sustain creative lifestyles
  • Recent college graduates and young professionals develop job search strategies and blueprints for career paths
  • Consultants and small business owners promote themselves and their businesses
  • Professionals successfully make the leap to small business owner or freelance employment

What Clients Say About Career Strategists:

Read all client testimonials here. Read client feedback on phone coaching here.

“Your support through my career transition was invaluable. My coach’s guidance allowed me to remain calm and focus on what was most important as I explored options for my next career move. This was the first time in my life that I had to “look” for a job and I felt totally lost and confused by the process. Relying on the expertise of a professional to help guide me on my career/job search path was key. My coach was a great resource and the information and encouragement that she provided helped me to confidently prepare for an effective career/job search.”
- Scott, Project Manager, Austin

"When I wanted to make a career change, I didn't even know how to begin. You did a superb job of helping me identify my strongest talents and reposition myself for entry into my new field.Your feedback and coaching throughout the interview process has been first-rate."
- Jeff, technology manager, Austin

"Thanks to your career coaching, I negotiated a salary $5,000 higher than originally offered as well as 70% more stock options. Thanks so much for your help, guidance and encouragement. I couldn't have done it without you!"
- M.H., communications manager, Austin

"During a time of transition and uncertainty, your guidance helped me affirm my talents, experience and skills. This empowered me to focus my career search in a way that would fulfill me professionally. Your broad knowledge of the Austin work environment was exactly what I needed to match my skills and preferences, achieving my professional goals. Your coaching was solid and enhanced my confidence. Your job strategies were customized, personalized, and thorough. Your honesty and wisdom balanced with all of the above empowered me in a complete way." 
- Kim, training/business development professional, Austin

"As a software professional I rely on well-developed reasoning skills and brainpower to get the job done. You have helped me to see the logic in letting go and trusting in a deeper part of myself to create the career I really want and discover what's truly important to me. The results of my work with you have been tremendous."
- Kert, consultant/entrepreneur, Austin

"Your career coaching was so helpful to me this summer and fall and really helped me frame what it was I was seeking from a professional venture. You're very good at what you do and I'm thankful that I was able to cross paths with you." 

- Michele, executive at Fortune 100 Company, Austin

"Your work/life balance coaching has helped increase my confidence, ability to make decisions and focus on self-care/personal needs. It has truly changed my life for the better. You have an innate ability to help others realize their needs and potential and to help guide them to achieving success in their lives. Your mantra "if it's not an absolute yes, it's a no" has served me well.

- Tonja, corporate project manager and mother to a toddler, Austin

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