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Everyone has
been made for
some particular
work and the
desire for that
work has been
put in his
(or her)

- Rumi

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Why You Need a Career Coach (but probably don't know it)
Renee Peterson Trudeau, president, Career Strategists

More than 14 years ago, I led a marketing communications division for an organization. I was supervising a team of 16, had a multimillion dollar budget, managed exciting projects and had lots of benefit - but it just wasn’t cutting it.  I had been doing this work for 13 years, but I had two needs that were not being met: a) I wanted to feel like I was helping people in a deeply meaningful way and b) I desired the flexibility that would allow me to  set my own hours so I could be with my child.  So I did what any smart, savvy, professional should do. I hired a top-notch career coach to support me in mapping out a career strategy/plan for change. Today, I own two sister coaching/consulting firms, have been self-employed for 14 years and couldn’t feel more fulfilled. I love my work.
Whether it’s a professional mentor or a seasoned career coach, receiving high-level support from someone who has specific career management training and can offer the perspective and focus you need to make wise choices, can be one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make. A seasoned career coach can help you:

  • Understand the big picture, identify relevant trends in the market and get a lay of the land regarding local or regional career opportunities you may be missing
  • View your situation objectively (rather than subjectively) and help you strategically and confidently map out your best “next steps”
  • Negotiate the highest possible salary/benefits and determine your current market worth (salary negotiation is an art and science; this support can translates into tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your career)
  • Determine what type of career or position is an ideal fit for your personality, life stage, innate talents and long-term goals
  • Strategize on how/when to make a change (or launch a job search) and how best to communicate this to your current employer or network
  • Understand the necessary steps for a career change, so you move forward strategically and with focus/clarity rather than randomly hopping from one idea to the next
  • Learn the unwritten rules of the “job search game” and truly understand the ins/outs of networking, interviewing and personal branding so you don’t waste endless hours online
  • Define your brand (what you do best/what makes you unique) and determine how to leverage this and sell yourself via your resume, branding statement, elevator speech, Linkedin profile, etc.
  • Learn strategies, resources and tools for enhancing work/life balance and creating a work life that supports your overall life goals
An experienced career coach will support you by holding a vision for what you desire WHILE also helping you access your own “internal GPS.” They’ll masterfully blend the outer work and the inner work necessary to help you shift, move forward and come into greater alignment around “who you are” and “what you do.”  
Know you need support but not sure where to start? Interview at least three possible coaches or mentors (find out how long they’ve been in business, what their professional background/track record is and ask them to describe their process for working with clients). Ask for a free initial consult to determine chemistry (most offer a 15-20 min. phone consult at no charge). Ask friends for recommendations and above all, trust your gut. Getting support can make all the difference in how you experience the journey.
Contact info@careerstrategists.net or 512-459-6700 to set up a free initial career consult with a senior coach. www.CareerStrategists.net
ABOUT: Founded by Renee Trudeau, Career Strategists is a boutique coaching firm based in Austin and serving clients worldwide via personal sessions, phone, Skype—has been supporting clients around the globe since 1999. We are incredibly grateful to do the work we do and find tremendous joy and satisfaction in knowing we have helped thousands of men/women find their calling and experience enhanced job satisfaction. Read some of our past newsletters here to learn more about our philosophy.



Original illustrations by Tisa L. Peterson.

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