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What Career Strategists Clients Say About Phone Coaching:

"Phone coaching with Angela helped to facilitate my thought processes, challenge my perceived roadblocks and added tremendous value to my career re-launch process. The exercises and follow-up discussion were spot-on, helping me identify what I really want and need. I'm having more fun with my new venture than I thought possible -- and trusting myself to do what is right for me thanks to Angela’s coaching support!"
--Julie, small business owner

"I have really enjoyed coaching by phone, because it cuts out travel time. With two small children and full-time work, I already feel time challenged. So only needing to dedicate 45 minutes versus an hour and a half to the weekly meeting is fabulous. Not only did a find telephonic coaching to be incredibly convenient I also found myself better able to focus than I have in the past with more traditional approaches (like face to face counseling). Sarina is a careful listener and very intuitive. I was able to quickly hone in what I needed and was able to gain clarity about how to move forward. Coaching with Sarina has been a life changing experience for me. I am so much happier than I was a before starting this process. I would highly recommend it!"
--Marcia, re-entering the workforce

"I live in Austin and I admit I was initially disappointed when I found out I couldn’t meet with Angela face to face, but after speaking with her on the phone and completing our first coaching session, I knew it was exactly what I needed. Phone coaching is amazing effective, convenient, and we were able to build deep rapport and really focus in on my needs. I actually found it more comfortable to be honest about feelings of anxiety and unease when going through a significant career change via phone rather than in person. Angela has an innate ability to listen and hone in what’s really important. She was great at helping me explore different career options and held me accountable as I worked towards my goals. I discovered new career alternatives that I wouldn't have thought of on my own which was very valuable, and am now the owner of my own successful franchise! I’d definitely recommend telephonic coaching to anyone, anywhere looking for strategic, empowering, high-level ongoing support."
--Lisa, marketing professional

"As a real estate professional I am always on the go and although I was initially weary of phone coaching I have been amazed by how effective and convenient the whole process has been. Sarina is able to cut to the chase and was able to assist me in gaining insight into what I wanted for my life. I can be easily distracted and found myself about to focus in a way I haven’t been before through phone coaching. I highly recommend Career Strategists for telephonic coaching especially for anyone looking to make a significant career transition. Their approach takes into consideration your whole life not just what you do to pay the bills."
-- Brad, real estate professional



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