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Frequently Asked Questions and Important Information about Career Strategists

  1. I Read Above that E-mail Coaching Is Included in the Packages, What Does That Mean?
  2. What Is the Benefit of Having Access to the Career Management Resource Center?
  3. What Can I Expect When Working with Career Strategists?
  4. What Are The Benefits of Choosing Phone Coaching?
  5. Helpful Information About Career Strategists

1. I Read Above that E-mail Coaching Is Included in the Packages, What Does That Mean?
All Career and Small Business Jump Start, Focus and Career Quest clients have complimentary e-mail access to our coaches for support while they are seeing us (the current rate for e-mail/phone coaching is $150/30 minutes). For example, if you’re a Career Jump Start client and you see one of our coaches for two sessions in January, you would have e-mail access for that month. If you see us for four sessions over a two-month period, you would have e-mail access for two months. This access is designed to support you with “quick feedback” between sessions.*

However, e-mail support is limited to specific questions. For example: “Do you know the name of a good recruiter in my field?”, “How do I determine a salary range for this position?”, “Do you have any contacts at ___company?”, “Can you recommend a book or resource to help me polish my image or improve my networking skills?” or “Who would you recommend I hire to design my web site and logo?”

If you have questions about more involved issues, you’ll want to schedule a 30, 45 or 60-minute phone or e-mail coaching session with us for more in-depth feedback. (For example: “How should I position myself for this job opportunity?” “What changes should I make to my resume?”, “What is the best way to approach setting up an informational interview?” or “I’m feeling stuck with my job search. What can I do to move forward?” or “What are some cost-effective ways to market my small business?”) Details here on phone/e-mail coaching sessions.

*Clients can expect to receive a response from us--during the workweek--within 24 hours on urgent issues and within 48 hours on non-urgent issues.

2. What Is the Benefit of Having Access to the Career Management Resource Center?
The Career Management Resource Center is a premier service available only to Career Strategists’ clients who purchase career or small business support packages. Divided into three areas: Career Planning and Job Search; Personal Branding and Small Business Marketing; and Work/Life Effectiveness and Life Balance, the center is a password protected online resource library containing dozens of outstanding how-to articles, flyers packed with career strategies/tips, inspirational articles, resource lists, step-by-step guides, practical information and more. All materials were developed and written by Renee Trudeau specifically for her clients. The information includes timely and relevant resources addressing clients’ most requested coaching questions and topics. Here are a few titles for some of the articles you can access:

  • Making a Successful Career Change; also, How to Jump Start a Career Change
  • Top Job Search Strategies for Austin and Information on Free Job Search Resources
  • Seven Career Mistakes to Avoid; also How to Increase Your Value in the Eyes of Your Employer
  • How to Maximize Networking Opportunities; also, Facing/Overcoming Fears
  • Work/Life Balance Strategies; also, Keeping the Passion in Your Profession
  • Salary Negotiation Tips and How to Determine Your Market Worth
  • Personal Branding Checklist and Creating a Resume that Sells You
  • Resources and Tips for Launching and Marketing a Small Business in Austin
  • Surviving and Thriving in an Uncertain Economy: For Small Business Owners
  • Interviewing: Questions to Answer, Questions to Ask and Tips on Informational Interviews

3. What Can I Expect When Working with Career Strategists?
By choosing to set aside dedicated time to realize your career and life dreams, you are investing in your future. The time that you spend with Renee Trudeau is exclusively devoted to helping you explore, brainstorm, prospect, plan, strategize and take action toward your desired goal. We offer a complementary left-brain/right-brain approach to career/life management that integrates practical business and marketing strategies with empowering personal insights.

Through working with Renee Trudeau (CS owner), you gain direct access to a seasoned career coach, creative business strategist and a personal publicist/marketing consultant. Renee will draw on her marketing, career/personal development and business expertise to offer expert assistance through:

Coaching you and providing straight-forward, caring, constructive feedback and resources/solutions to help you gain clarity and focus on your next steps.

Supporting you in "where you are now" on your career/life path. For some, that means being there for you when you decide to make a radical change, for others it means assisting you in reframing your perspective about your current work/life situation.

Strategizing with you on your goals, timeline, action plan, options and providing resources and specific contacts and tools when/if needed.

4. What Are the Benefits of Choosing Phone Coaching?
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5. Helpful Information About Career Strategists

Career Strategists' Purpose Statement
To assist and support clients in integrating who they are with what they do by providing strategic, creative career/life planning and coaching; active listening; superb marketing expertise; and honest, straightforward communication in a trusting and respectful environment.

Career Strategists is owned and operated by Renee Peterson Trudeau.

Current Rates for Services: Payment is due at time of service. Payment of checks, credit cards and cash are accepted. Returned Checks: There will be a $25.00 charge for all returned checks.

Hours: Office hours are 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., by appointment only. Special arrangements may be made for appointments outside of normal business hours.

Rescheduling Appointments: Please call at least 72 hours (3 business days) in advance when needing to reschedule an appointment so we are able to fill your scheduled time slot and deliver optimal service to all our clients. If an appointment is not cancelled at least 72 hours in advance, the client will be billed for 50% of their session rate. Thank you for respecting our time and yours.

Confidentiality: We completely respect and acknowledge our clients' need for privacy. Your relationship with Career Strategists, as well as all phone, e-mail and in-person conversations, is completely confidential.

Communication/Feedback: We welcome open, honest communication and encourage clients to ask questions about any aspect of their experience with our firm. We look forward to your feedback on how we can better serve you. Please don't hesitate to contact Renee Trudeau at any time regarding the service you receive or to ask for an evaluation form so you can provide us with comments or suggestions. We support a continuous improvement business model.

Workshops/Seminars: In addition to one-on-one strategy sessions, Renee Trudeau also develops and presents seminars and workshops for companies and organizations. Workshops can center on career management/fulfillment, work/life balance, team building, small business or marketing/public relations topics. We also offer career services/outplacement assistance for companies who are downsizing. Please visit with Renee Trudeau for further details.

Referrals/Testimonials: Referrals and testimonials are greatly appreciated. The majority of our clients are referred to us by current and past clients. Thank you for these personal recommendations!

Gift certificates are available for all Career Strategists' services.



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